Titan Warfare Trello 2022 – Hero, Skins & Crates

Looking for Titan Warfare Trello? This is our  Titan Warfare Trello, where you will find all information about Titan Warfare. This Titan Warfare Trello has Map/Level Guide, Two Piece Fruits, and How to obtain fruit in Two Piece.

You can also find Details on NPCs, Quests, bosses, and a whole lot more. It’s a great way to get a lot of information.

Titan Warfare Trello Wiki & Guide 2022

All Roblox games have an official Trello created by developers to help users learn the game’s foundations and cover every facet of the game. There is also a Titan Warfare Trello. But, before you proceed to the TTitan Warfare Trello, we propose that you redeem the Titan Warfare Wiki and grab the freebies; these will be really useful.

Titan Warfare Trello

Titan Warfare Trello: Introduction Two Piece contains information about the Gamemodes, Skins & Crates. Titan Warfare is a round-based massive PVP war game between Marleyans and Indians. Various different game modes and maps. Up to 2 titan shifters per team, winner takes all. Level up to unlock new titans, perks, heroes, and much more. Inspired by AOT / Attack On Titan.

Titan Warfare Hero

Heroes are powerful units that can be spawned in when you accumulate enough points. These heroes have more HP than standard classes and have increased damage to players. They do even more damage against other heroes.

You can equip your hero in the Shop tab found at the bottom left corner of your screen Damage increasing perks do not work with any of the heroes

  • Level & Cost Unlock Requirements
  • Kenny Ackerman – Level 7, $3000
  • Mikasa Ackerman – Level 15, $12000
  • Sasha Braus – Level 23, $12000
  • Levi Ackerman – Level 30, $15000
  • Aviator – Level 3, $1000
  • Gabi Braun – Level 5, $3000
  • Theo Magath – Level 18, $14000
  • Yelena – Level 24, $11000

Below, each card will have their own respective playstyles, moves, and strategies used to fight the enemy team

Titan Warfare Trello 2022 - Hero, Skins & Crates

Titan Warfare Marley 

Marleyans, the primary enemy to the Eldian faction. Excelling in marksmanship and utilizing their jetpacks to traverse the battlefield to defend their homeland. The faction of Marley is a force to be reckoned with and should not be taken lightly. They can utilize their engineers and build various structures including anti-titan artillery cannons and small turrets to aid them in battle. While it may be difficult to master at first, in the right hands the Marleyan faction can be quite deadly

Titan Warfare Marley Supply Shop

Pressing TAB while in a match will pop up a shop tab. From there, you can spend accumulated points on various items to assist you while fighting

Jeep – 20 Points

  • Spawns a jeep in case previous one is destroyed

Refill Kit – 50 Points

  • Used to refill all of your ammo for all weapons instantly

Medkit – 100 Points

  • Heals you back to full HP, cannot be bought as a Hero

Titan Airdrop – 1400 Points

  • After firing a flare, pure titans will be airdropped from the sky and cover the field

Titan Warfare Titan Shifter

Titan shifters are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Each titan is unique in their own ways, some being more powerful than others. Titan shifters do greatly fighting one another and it is recommended for regular soldiers to avoid them. They are able to crumble buildings and smash through just about anything in their path. You can equip your titan in the Shop tab found at the bottom left corner of your screen

Each titan shifter is equipped with a health bar, alongside a blue stamina bar. If this stamina bar runs out, you will be unable to utilize any of your moves and are susceptible to being caught in devastating combos. If your stamina bar runs out whilst blocking (F), you will be block broken and stunned.

It is best recommended to play as a titan shifter with shiftlock

Level & Cost Unlock Requirements

Each titan shifter costs 1500 points to utilize in a match. However, the Colossal titan requires 3000 points

Attack – N/A, $100 (Free if tutorial completed)
Female – Level 6, $3000
Beast – Level 15, $10000
Armored – Level 25, $15000
Jaw – Level 24, $12000
Warhammer – Level 35, $16000
Colossal – 599 ROBUX

Below, each card will have their own respective playstyles, moves, and strategies used to fight the enemy team.

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