SPC The Red Lake Trello Location, Weapons & Skins

Looking for ISPC The Red Lake Trello? This is our SPC The Red Lake Trello, where you will find all information about SPC The Red Lake Trello and other game information. SCP stands for Secure Contain Protect and is the motto of the SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to capturing and analyzing anomalous and paranormal entities or objects. They are given numbers and nicknames to easily identify them and have documents that are available to read to help learn about them.

What is The Red Lake, The Red Lake, aka SCP-354, is a large red lake from which anomalous beings have emerged from. In this game’s canon, an outbreak has occurred and it is up to you and your teammates to help neutralize the Red Lake and stop this containment breach. Let’s check out our SPC The Red Lake Trello Wiki.

SPC The Red Lake Trello Wiki

SPC The Red Lake Trello is a Roblox Games Trello board created by Developers or Players, where you find information about NPC, Booses, Map Locations, Skins, Weapons, and much more.

SPC The Red Lake Guide

How to Play SPC The Red Lake

The game works as a standard FPS/TPS game. Press play to enter the game, and select your weapons and items from the hotbar below. You can change your operator before entering the game by clicking “Operators” and selecting the one you want to play before returning to the main menu.


  • Movement: WASD
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Interact: E
  • Fire Weapon: Left Click
  • R: Reload
  • Zoom In/Out (only useable with certain weapons): Z

SPC The Red Lake Mutations Wiki

Starting from round 8, Mutations will become a factor in your game plan. A random mutation is selected from 8 different mutations and will last 2-4 rounds. The possibilities are: Fog, Night, Poison, Armor, Hivemind, Vults, Goblins, and Immortal.

  • Fog: Slows all players down, increases the speed of Walkers and makes it slightly harder to see.
  • Night: Makes the game darker, increases Walker damage and spawns more Ghosts.
  • Poison: Fills the map with a green cloud that will passively damage you and NPCs if you are inside it.
  • Armor: Gives Walkers a random chance to spawn with armor that increases their health.
  • Hivemind: Forces all Walkers, Exploders and Blazes to ignore players and only go for the generator.
  • Vults: Will spawn Vult enemies along with usual wave enemies
  • Goblins: Will spawn Goblins along with usual wave enemies.
  • Immortal: Makes the following monsters immune to damage for 12-30 seconds: Riot, Exploder, Corrupted Exploder, Bolt, Necromancer. (Bonus 65 EXP per wave)

SPC The Red Lake Skins Wiki

SPC The Red Lake Skins are a purely cosmetic addition to TRL that let you change the way your operative looks.

There are universal skins, mastery skins, unlockable skins, and gamepass skins. Keep in mind these are purely cosmetic and do not change any stats in the game.

SPC The Red Lake Weapons Wiki


One of the most popular guns, often used by ROBLOXIA police officers and security companies.

The G18 is the pistol all operatives start the game with. It costs nothing.


  • Damage: 18
  • RPM: 550
  • SPREAD: 0.28


Easy to reload, small bullet spread and high damage! What else do you want?

The M1911 is the only other pistol in the main weapon shop and costs 25$. You must be level 35 to use this weapon.


  • DAMAGE: 50
  • RPM: 480
  • SPREAD: 0.2
  • RELOAD TIME: 1.5


The Luger pistol carries 9mm ammunition and an 8-shot magazine, very powerful against monsters.

The Luger is the only pistol in the WW weapon shop and costs 0$. You must have the WW game pass to buy it.


  • DAMAGE: 69
  • RPM: 500
  • SPREAD: 0.25
  • RELOAD TIME: 1.95

SPC The Red Lake NPC Wiki


Yuji is the main weapon shop supplier. Can be found in the safehouse.


Jake is the MTF weapon shop supplier. Can be found next to Yuji’s desk in safehouse.


Khaan is a researcher for the Foundation and is the NPC who gives players quests. Can be found in the safehouse in the crafting area.


Kevin is the janitor of the site and an item vendor. He sells Shields (40$), Bear Traps (60$), Incendiary Rounds (150$), and Shock Mines (240$). He is located in the Basement.

SPC The Red Lake Location Wiki

Crafting Station

Located in the Safehouse, interacting with this opens the crafting menu.

Corruption Station

Located in the Safehouse, interacting with this while having a Corruption Cure in your hand will reduce the corruption.

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