Shredders Guide, Tips & Tricks – How to Cork

Looking for Shredders Guide, Tips & Tricks – How to Crok, Follow this Shredders Guide to find out – How to Cork in Shredders. I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with this, myself included, so I made a guide once I figured it out.

Shredders Guide, Tips & Tricks – How to Cork

Before the jump

Do not press any inputs. Line yourself up for the jump, then release all inputs.


This is where I struggled. I could not figure it out but I finally got it.

Press ALL THREE INPUTS at once when pre-loading. This was my issue, I wasn’t pressing all three at once.

So if you want to cork: press right trigger, left stick up, right stick right (or left) all at once. If you don’t do all three at once, it won’t work even if you release all three at the same time, which is different than TSG… I think.

Release all three inputs at once when you takeoff the lip. Then you can throw in any grab you’d like.

Keep on corking.If you don’t get it at first, just play around with your timings of press and release. It will work eventually. Then you can mess around with speeds and get some floaty corks, or some massive spin-to-win stuff.

Rodeos are the same but left stick is up then down.


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