Rush Royale Gargoyle Deck for PvP

The Rush Royale team recently released a new card Ivy and Gargoyle, and many people are looking for Gargoyle decks, therefore I’m going to show you some of the greatest Gargoyle decks today. Gargoyle is an epic card and this card has some unique abilities in the game.

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Rush Royale Gargoyal Tips

If you are going to play with the card they keep in the Gargoyle at odd merge ranks, this unit attacks the opponent in the usual way. If Gargoyle is on an even rank, then it stops attacking. Instead, it empowers nearby gargoyles, granting them an AoE attack. The damage of this attack grows with the merge rank of the sleeping gargoyle.

Rush Royale Gargoyal Deck

You can use this Gargoyal deck for trophies pushing in Rush Royale. Thunderer + Grindstone synergy is very good and Ice mage will provide you support by slowing down the monster

Deck Rating

  1. Attack – Good
  2. Defense – Great!
  3. Synergy – Super
  4. Versatility – Godly
  5. F2P score – Very Well

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