Rogue Demon Breathing Tier List 2022 August

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Rogue Demon Breathing Tier List

Thunder Breathing

First Skill:

Thunder Breathing: Godlike Speed | (Hold), (60s CD), (10-12 DMG), (Bypass Block BUT can be perfect blocked)

The user puts every ounce of strength into their legs and utilizes Thunderclap and Flash in an accelerated speed. This move CAN be parried.
ThunderBreathing: GodLike Speed

Second Skill:

Thunder Breathing: Sixfold | (15s CD), (15 DMG), (Blockable), (Target required)

The user charges up before launching their opponent in the air and performing Thunder Clap and Flash 6 times. If the target is lower than 15 health, Sixfold executes them.

Side note: The user is granted fall damage immunity until they collide with a terrain

Third Skill:

Thunder Breathing: Thunder Clap and Flash | (Hold), (15 DMG), (10s CD),(Blockable, Guardbreaks if full charged)

The user takes a stance, charging the move before dashing forward at blinding speeds. If the enemy is below 15 health, Thunder Clap and Flash executes them.

Side note: The stun time depends on how long thunderclap is charged (1.5 seconds up to 4.0 seconds)

Fourth Skill:

Discharge | (Evasive), (25s CD), (2 DMG), (Blockable)

The user discharges a small bolt of electricity disabling and knockbacking anyone within the range and yourself for 1.5s
(Knockback only applies to attackers)


Very good combo potential
Arguably the most mobile breathing in the game
Thunderclap is a good combo starter/extender with little to no endlag
Can execute people other than manual execution (B), very helpful as a last resort


Sixfold can be blocked, which puts the user in a big endlag. Additionally, it will not refund CD if missed unlike Flying sickles/String pull
Your true guardbreak is not reliable, and thus have to get around blocks to deal damage
Godspeed can be perfect blocked
Discharge can be blocked, a good opponent may block discharge to continue their combo.
Discharge has an endlag that lasts up to 1.5 seconds, disabling the player to combo start with thunderclap.

Flame Breathing

First Move:

Flame Breathing: Unknowing Fire | (15s CD), (10 DMG), (Target Required), (Combo Starter)

The user leaps towards their target and swings their sword in a circular manner.

Second Move

Flame Breathing: Rising Scorching Sun | (10s CD), (10 DMG), (Blockable)

The user slashes upwards then swings downwards, launching the opponent down.

Flame Breathing: Blazing Universe | (10s CD), (5DMG), (Guardbreak), (Combo Extender)

The user swings their sword downwards, crushing anyone underneath flaming attack. This move CAN be parried.
If blocked, deals 2.5 damage instead.

Third Move

Flame Breathing: RENGOKU! | (100s CD), (50 DMG), (Ultimate), (Guardbreak)

The user strikes a fearsome stance and charges at the opponent to deal massive DMG to anyone caught by it. (REQUIRES THE USER TO BE BELOW 50% HP)

Fourth Move

Flame Breathing: Blooming Flame | (20s CD), (5 DMG), (Evasive)

The user releases a fiery circule around them, pushing back anyone within the range.


Unknowing Fire is a reliable combo starter, if used correctly and with timing, it can even combo extend
Rising Scorching Sun can be used to react to evasives if timed correctly
Blazing Universe is a great combo extender


Opponent can easily avoid rengoku if they happen to climb up a ledge
Your consistent guardbreak is not reliable due to it having a very small hitbox as well as being able to be perfect blocked
Unknowing flame and Rising Scorching Sun can be blocked, which leaves the user open to combos
Unlike Flying Sickles and String Pull, Unknowing Flame will NOT refund CD if missed

Water Breathing

First Move:

Water Breathing: Flowing Dance | (20s CD), (15 DMG), (Blockable, last hit Guardbreaks)

The users blade turns into a flow of water rushing alongside them slicing anything in their way.

Second Move:

Water Breathing: Striking Tide | (20s CD), (15 5 DMG), (Auto Aim), (Blockable)

The user homes in towards the opponent and slashes them in a flowing fashion.

(Side Note: If the first strike is blocked, the user has two more attempts to deliver the attack.)

Third Move:

Water Breathing: Waterfall Basin | (20s CD), (5 DMG), (Guardbreak), (ComboExtender)

The user slams their sword into the ground, creating a gigantic waterfall in front of them. This move CAN be parried.

(Side note: If used mid-air, nullifies fall damage.)

Fourth Move:

Water Breathing: Constant Flux | (90s CD), (40 DMG), Ultimate), (Blockable, Last hit guardbreaks)

The user performs a continuous flowing attack which takes the form of a water dragon that increases in strength and power with each rotation due to momentum.


All moves in your moveset can be used to combo extend
Striking tide is a very good homing ability
Has the most combo potential
You have plentiful options for guardbreaking
Waterfall Basin can be used to negate fall damage


No evasive, which makes water breathing very vulnerable to combos
Flowing dance has endlag at the end, the guardbreaking spin can also be perfect blocked
Average mobility outside of combat.
Striking Tide was heavily nerfed, as it now only lands one hit instead of all three strikes, inflicting 5 DMG rather than 15.a

Sound Breathing

First Move:

Sound Breathing: Roar | (15s CD), (10 DMG), (Combo Extender), (Guardbreak), (Hyper Armor)

The user lifts their cleavers before slamming down with a thunder of fireworks blowing up anything in front of the user. This move CAN be parried.

Second Move:

Sound Breathing: String Performance | (15s CD), (8-10 DMG), (Combo Starter), (Blockable)

While running forward the user spins their cleavers in a circular motion cutting and dragging the opponent with you as they’re bombarded with fireworks and explosions.

Third Move:

Sound Breathing: Flashbang | (20s CD), (5 DMG), (Evasive)

The user throws numerous blinding bombs blocking the opponent’s view

Side note: Blind will only apply to people that are looking at the user

Forth Move:

Sound Breathing: Musical Combo | (60s CD), (35 DMG), (Ultimate), (Guardbreak), (Combo Ender)

The user reads their opponents movements and corresponds with a flurry of attacks dealing massive DMG to anyone caught in the combo.

If blocked, deals 28-30 damage instead.

Side note: During Musical Combo, the user has IFrames (Cannot be affected by DMG)


AMAZING combo potential
Roar is a very reliable guardbreak
Excels at m1 trading to score off combos
Your moves are very good at going around blocks


No reliable gap closer
String Performance is a very wonky move and is not a threat most of the time
Good players will punish you for failing to connect String Performance
Musical Combo has endlag at the end, regardless if you land it or not
Terrible at pursuing people

Rogue Demon Blood Demon Arts Tier List

Here is a List of the Rogue Demon Best Blood Demon Arts.

  • Arrow Rogue Demon BDA
  • Shockwave Rogue Demon BDA
  • Blood Sickles Rogue Demon BDA
  • String Rogue Demon BDA


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