Pixel Gun Tower Defense Trello & Best Gun Tier List

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Pixel Gun Tower Defense Trello & Beginner Guide

Pixel Gun Tower Defense Tier List


I just played the game! What does each character specialize at?

Noob – Bad stats, yet very cheap cost, decent if have skill level, not recommend for expensive weapon, recommend to spam 102 with cheap guns, after that switch to other towers


Has a relatively fast firerate with cheap price, yet it sacrifice its range in compensation, good for early, recommend to use short range guns with it


Mediocre stats and cost, recommend to use it in early-mid game with solid guns

Kill stealer

Good for finishing low health enemies off for a very cheap price, otherwise it is pretty bad, good with golden friends as max skill level add 2 dmg

Lag switcher

Cheap price for a burst of high damage every few seconds with increased range, yet it will need to ‘lag’ to charge up the burst and also have bad stats when not lagged, good if u want to have high dmg to enemies at a short time, not recommend for constant dps


Horrible base cost and stats, yet it is surprisingly good with all upgrade maxed with unlimited ammo for an expensive price, not recommend to use it with cheap guns or guns without reload, only good at mid-late game


Has the highest firerate of all characters, yet it has expensive cost and upgrade, not recommend to upgrade it unless necessary or using it with cheap guns or guns with reload(unless has a lot of ammo), as it doesn’t boost reload speed, good for mid-late game when spammed


Decent early tower, not recommend to use it for fast enemies or very short range gun, as it takes a long time to switch its knife to gun and will result in fast enemies leaked, decent with high range guns


Has high range and cheap cost in return of bad firerate and damage, not recommend to use it with short range weapon


Decent cost with amazing stats in the cost of signing contract to lock on a new enemy until its death, aka it is bad for hordes and low hp enemies, best to use brutal with it

What is the best combinations of guns and tower in the game?

Sword spammer(early)

Noob/pro golden friend(early camo)
Exploiter ap(mid-late game, no camo 2)
Exploiter grenade(late game, need to get dmg max to be good, sucks at defense, no camo 2)
Hitman brutal(boss, high hp)
Camper prototype(late game)
P2w clc(late game, need to be maxed to be good)
Lag exter(defense enemies, get 220 for cheap unstable matter counter)
Pro clc(mid game, solid dps)

Brutal headhunter or prototype?

Brutal has amazing damage for hordes, yet it needs time to aim at enemies, making it not that viable for hordes.
Prototype doesn’t need to aim, yet costing 1000 more makes it less cost efficient than brutal for single-target damage.

It is recommended to use brutal for high hp enemies or boss, and prototype for more general purpose(ofc you can use it for boss too if u have the money to do so)

What does health threshold do in kill stealer?

It is the requirement for kill stealer’s damage buff to take place, for example the threshold is 30%, the damage buff will take place below 30% health pf the enemy.

Will this game get copyright?

As davin had permission from pg3d dev according to him, this game is unlikely to get striked but if it does we can simply redesign it.

What is the purpose of jukebox?

It provides money at the start of each wave if its range reaches a tower, you can upgrade it for it to give more money.

How do you change gamemodes?

Upon you entering the saloon, click on the skull icon in the top left corner to change difficulty, hover your mouse over it to see what difficulty it is.

Will there be an event and pvp gamemode in this game?

It will but not anytime soon

p2w or exploiter?

The short answer is, it just depends on what you have currently. They are both late game towers which cost a lot of money that work well with faster firerate weapons.

Long answer:

– P2W synergizes very well CLC and Sniper Rifle, having infinite ammo upgrades which make CLC extremely effective, along with great damage and firerate improvements in upgrades. The skill levels are essentially irrelevant, but maxing the damage path gives Camo 2, which is definitely helpful for the later waves of veteran.

– Exploiter works very well with Auto-Peacemaker, Golden Friend, and some-what well with Grenade Launcher. The main gimmick with Exploiter is that it has extremely fast firerate and a high ammo count, which synergizes extremely effectively with AP. The main downside is that most of its upgrades are rather expensive, so it is much more effective in some cases to spam an Exploiter tower instead of upgrading one. However, it has no base camo detection; you require upgrades for that.

So realistically, the question should be answered by what you current have; if you own CLC but no AP, P2W would be your better choice; if you own AP but no CLC, then Exploiter would be better in your situation. If you have both, I would personally lean towards p2w, but the choice is obviously up to you.
– Why is the tutorial impossible for starters?

Because they are stupid and cant read properly also cant listen to instruction ok bye

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