Infinite Knight 3D Idle Rpg Official Launched Now

Infinite Knight 3D Idle RPG game developed by Gamepub is now available on the Play Store.  Infinite Knight is Simulating game where you can Customize your own individual character with 80+ weapons and 90+ items. In Infinite Knight, You can communicate and compete with other players through in-game chatting. Clear 250+ missions and 25+ daily missions that reset every day to receive a variety of rewards.

Infinite Knight 3D Idle Rpg Officaila Launched Now

Infinite Knight Game Feature

This game tells the story of a knight whose daughter was kidnapped and offered to an evil monster as a sacrifice. Explore the unending dungeon and level up your skills. Continue climbing the tower in order to save his daughter.

Tips for Beginners

1. Regardless of whether or not weapons and equipment are equipped, their effects are implemented immediately after purchase.

2. You can use the weapons and equipment you bought to customize your character.

3. Rebirth gives you a large number of Souls. You can use these Souls to get more powerful attributes. We will keep updating the game to continue providing you with enjoyment.

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