Indies’ Lies launches on mobile September 23

The Indies’ Lies upcoming strategy card base game will be officially launched on September 23. Indies’ Lies is a single-player Roguelike game with deck-building as the fundamental gameplay. Randomly generated level material, a deep and varied talent system, a well-constructed lieutenant system, and a surprise rune system, in combination with hundreds of meticulously created cards, ensure that each game is unique.

The game has multiple chapters of plot content, and you will gradually unlock character stories during the exciting breakthroughs to unravel the world caught between the old and new gods.

Indies’ Lies Game Features

Fun for Beginners, Depth for the Experienced

Deckbuilder has always been a niche genre, but it’s one that’s a lot of fun! We wanted to create a deckbuilder that allows more players to enjoy the thrill of the game as well as the mental process behind it. We made the game more beginner-friendly while also increasing the variety and replayability.

Grow Your Talent Tree

Over 200 talents to discover. Random in every game. Spark talents that work with your deck to create a powerful mix!

Recruit Lieutenants

You have the option of inviting up to two lieutenants to join your squad! Lieutenants have their own deck and can do a lot more than just protect the hero by taking damage. Choose from a wide range of characters to find your ideal match! To outfight (and outsmart) your opponents, devise a team strategy.

Embark on Your Journey

Three professions, nine characters, and a variety of decks, skills, and lieutenants! Master psychic power and become a wizard. Begin your journey as a mechanist with cutting-edge killing machines (in cards, of course). Or you can be a straggler, making bold moves and graceful strikes.

Unravel a Fascinating World

Unlock character storylines to explore Mekaa, a world caught in the clash of old and new gods. Help the hero find their loved one, chase withering memories, and fight off the infection crisis that is creeping onto the land of Mekaa.

Indies’ Lies Release Date:  September 23

Indies’ Lies Pre Registration Link

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