Date a Live Spirit Pledge Beginner Guide 2022 June

Looking for Date a Live Spirit Pledge Beginner Guide 2022 June? : This is a Date a Live Spirit Pledge Beginner Guide 2022 June for the new players to help them in the firsts steps of the game and give some advices to the old players too.

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Beginner Guide 2022 June

First day of the game:

Try to level up to level 20 (is easy because you level up fast and get 6 stamina each level so no need to refresh it by spending diamonds) by playing story stages and complete the daily tasks.

First week:

-You have the Rookie summon: summon at least 60 times to have the guaranteed Spirit: choose Kurumi or Kotori who need both in story stages and in future (Ellen and Tohka can be good now but in future and especially in runestones matches they are not good). Maybe in future they will add Natsumi in this summon. In this case, get her!

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Beginner Guide 2022 June
-Play all daily quest to level up fast, also the one: “spend 50 diamonds” by getting 1 fate badge a day, or more if need in the Rookie summon

Online and Sharam: probably you will need a support of a good player in the high difficulty but since there are a lot of them, you have no problem to find them… anyway, play mostly the online battles to get Void Crystals for the Void store, an easy way to get 5 stars Sephira…

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Stores:

-Normal store: buy the 5 stars material with gold if you have enough, like this one in the pic:

-Endless store: buy only the Spirit Essence, in particular these: Chesed, Yesod and your main Spirit essence. This because you will always need, also in future with a high BP team, Yoshino and Miku as support to increase your statistics. For Miku you need only 2 of her passives, so 100+300 essences (3 stars angel); while Yoshino and your main Spirit all the passives slots (5 stars angel).

Gift Store: get only the gifts with Tengu Coins, especially the 2 and 3 stars.

Club Store: Costume for collection or Sephira if need.

Sharam store: buy only the SS random scroll.

Only for players who pay money in game:

-You can get an SS Spirit on her event and make her EX level and get her Sephira set (will cost a lot of money but if you can, will worth it and get over 3000 BP in 1 week). In this case, don’t get Kotori/Kurumi fragments in story stages but farm Yoshino fragments.

After 1 week:

-Always level up as soon as possible by spending the stamina and complete daily tasks (if you want, you can recharge stamina 2 times daily to make more exp, useful in some events tasks who asked to play normal, hard and hell stages).

-Try to get some 5 stars Sephira in summon (10 pulls = one 5 stars guaranteed) and put on your main spirit.

More tricks:

-When you will unlock Natsumi hard/hell stages (will need lv 60) farm her fragments. She’s a good spirit for a free to play player. Also remember to buy the Netzach essence in Endless shop.

Daily stages: Play the stages in the red circle to have always the bonus x2 except the gold on wednesday and thursday.

-Sell the Spirit fragments you don’t need like Mana fragments to get materials to use in fragments shop.

-On Spirit -> crystal -> crystal trascend you can dismantle the items you don’t need to get universal materials to upgrade the Spirit. Those are useful to use instead of the 5 stars materials which need for Sephira Starup.

-Look at Sephira combination to get special bonus:

Gems: get only the gems of your main Spirit. How:
dismantle the A gems of the other Spirit; then forge the A gem of your main Spirit. Be aware: you don’t need to choose the gem’s skill bacause you can use any of that spirit gem to craft the S gems; same for the S: don’t choose the S gem’s skill bacause you will use them for the SS gems. In this way you can save a lot of craft materials (use 2 instead of 3 for each A-S gem).
For Blueprints: wait to have 1 S gem and 20 A gems of your main Spirit, then dismantle the other Spirits Blueprints and craft the one’s you need (don’t dismantle them before having 20 A gems because you can get your main Spirit’s scroll before getting all those A gems, so you save more Scrolls for future).


The pic shows the best set for the auto-commands system…

All the actions require time and Spirit energy (50 each Spirit; 20 mins all except the Date: 10 mins). After you do it, you will not be able to do those action manually until the auto-command is on.
Each Spirit has its own buff (that’s why the pic line-up) and some buff require different conditions to activate (the Spirit stars). Please note that some Spirits have not buffs…

The Spirit starts without stars (cannot use in the auto-commands) and get 1 star every 1000 BP, excluding the Sephira, Gems and Keepsakes. Max stars = 3 (you can see the skills and requisites on the “Manage” button on bottom-left of the pic above…).

Pay attention! Each action require Spirit energy but in some of them you are not able to complete all the daily attempts in 1 dispatch. You need to wait that the Spirits rechange their energies. For example: the Spirit Trials require 20 energy each stage. So you can do 2 stages in the first dispatch. Then you need to claim it and wait that they recharge the missing 10 energy to do a second dispatch and complete it (the Spirit Trials chest will not be claim automatically, but you must go in it and claim).

Why do the auto-commands?

Save time and get more rewards thanks to the Spirit Skills!

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