Da Hood Trello 2022 & Gun, Food & Weapons

Looking for Da Hood Trello? This is our Da Hood Trello, where you will find all information about Da Hood. This Da Hood Trello has Map/Level Guide, Da Hood Gun Tier List, and Da Hood Food Guide

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Da Hood Trello Wiki & Guide 2022

All Roblox games have an official Trello created by developers to help users learn the game’s foundations and cover every facet of the game. There is also a Viet Nam Piece Trello. But, before you proceed to the Da Hood Trello, we propose that you redeem the Da Hood Trello Wiki and grab the freebies; these will be really useful.

Da Hood Trello

Da Hood Trello Trello: Introduction A Da Hood Trello contains information about the Controls, Guns, Foods, Weapons, Tools and more.

Da Hood Trello 2022

Controls are as follows for PC

L-SHIFT to sprint
L-CTRL to crouch
G to carry
E to stomp
F To Block
XBOX controls

X – Reload
Y – Block
B – Crouch
Left Thumbstick Hold – Run
Left Trigger – Aim
Right Trigger – Use item/Shoot
Directional Pad Up – Hold/Grab
Directional Pad Down – Stomp

Mobile controls

Mobile players have built-in controls, to full auto in mobile, you must tap the shoot button below and track with your thumb, put the weapon away to stop.

Da Hood Cash

There are 16 ATMs positioned around the map, to break them shoot them with any weapon, or punch them flamethrower & RPG do not work. ATMs have a cooldown of 2 minutes and 50 seconds, dropping from 300-400 dollars per ATM, they are spread around the map as follows.

you can also buy cash from the in-game store, which can be accessed after clicking the plus icon located at the bottom left of your screen
Only buy cash from the in-game store

Da Hood Guide

1) You can block incoming melee attacks by pressing F before being hit, you cannot block ballistic or explosive attacks.
your arms can be broken, if you block too many strikes, therefore not letting you block or do maximum damage for a short period of time.
if you time your block correctly you can weave the player’s melee attack and take 0 damage.

2) Cannot weave explosives and bullets.

3) The damage will double if you headshot a player with a weapon.

4) You can break people arm’s with a charge attack if their Energy bar is low (They won’t be able to deal maximum damage for short duration)

5) The more muscle, the more HP you will have.

6) To view your stats type out /e stats in the in-game chat.

7) You can buy masks in the shops located as follows, masks will hide your username, you can only have one mask in your inventory at once. Buying 2 masks will replace the previous one.

8) Resetting will not make you lose your weapons unless you have 0 ammo, you will lose the clip of your weapon if you reset, leaving the game also saves your weapons, if you leave while knocked you will lose all your guns.

9) You can throw knocked players by picking them up and holding L-CTRL then pressing G.

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