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If you are looking Critical Tower Defense Perk Tier List, be sure to check out this Critical Tower Defense Perk Tier List of the Best Demon Tower Perk you can get, Critical Tower Defense Perks are available in the menu and offer a variety of advantages. In the most recent Critical Tower Defense Update version, there are a total of 14 perks (plus 4 for Halloween). All of these alter your towers in one way or another. Some Perks, such as the Semi-Auto Shotgun, may be easy to earn while others, such as Winter Vigor, may be rather difficult.

Similar to events, there are also special benefits available for a brief period of time. You can also level up to level 40 to unlock a second perk slot by paying 200 Robux for it. If you need more details, you can find them by heading to the Demon Tower Defense Trello. Also Read: Slayer Tycoon Breathing Tier List – Best Katana Guide

Critical Tower Defense Perk Tier List Wiki – Best Perk Guide

Critical Tower Defence Tier List

Critical Tower Defense Tier list

The Critical Tower Defense perk underwent a significant modification with the new version Critical Tower Defense v5.0. Update

There will now be two categories for this perk: Basic and Slot.

-Slot Perks occupy the 4 slots for perks as usual (we currently have 2 maximum that can be unlocked)

-When equipped, Critical Tower Defense Basic Perks do not occupy any slots.  There is no limit to how many Critical Tower Defense Basic Perks you can equip.

(Equip conditions are shared with slot perks and will not change; for example, only one perk may be equipped per tower.)

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Critical Tower Defense Best Perk

Bandit gains a 5th level

Soul Master – deals significantly more damage, but each soul cannot hit new enemies for a small period after hitting an enemy

Blood Money – X cash gain but can only attack 3 times,enemies hit cannot fall below 25% HP and ignore it

Gunner deals less damage and fires slower at level 4-5, but stacks firerate buff that has a limited duration every time they fire a bullet.

Big Muscle – Reach level 3 gain damage,Warrior no longer stunned for 2x longer

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