Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings 2022 March

Looking for Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings? Here you will find Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings Build. Caramel Arrow Cookie (Korean: 흑당맛 쿠키, heukdang-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the second part of The Heros of Dark Cacao update. She is of the Ranged class and her position is prioritized to the Front.

She was the First Watcher of the Dark Cacao Kingdom before her banishment from the Black Citadel.

Game Description

“At the very edge of the continent, atop the tall wall of the Black Citadel, stands a figure frowning into the dark. Night and day, all year round, Caramel Arrow Cookie, the First Watcher of the Dark Cacao Kingdom, will always protect the Cookies from the horrors of the Licorice Sea until the very last crumb.”


Caramel Arrow Cookie is a determined, loyal individual with a strong mental fortitude. She is introduced to the story while recalling memories of her banishment, recounting the events before snapping herself out of it and turning her focus to other activities. She tells herself to concentrate and shift her perspective, putting a more positive spin on her situation by saying that there’s many things she can still do out in the wilds.

Caramel Arrow Cookie also holds a clear sense of personal justice and compassion, as shown by her complete lack of hesitation to save GingerBrave and friends in their encounter with a Snow Lion and her unyielding support of the kingdom’s forlorn citizens. She continues to wish for the well-being of Dark Cacao Cookie and the remaining Watchers despite no longer being in their forces, defending the former from the rumors surrounding his character by saying that he will always be an awe-inspiring leader.

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