Anime Adventures Traits Tier List – Summoning Chance

Looking for Anime Adventures Traits Tier List? You’ve found the correct Anime Adventures Traits Tier List page. We have a comprehensive Anime Adventures Traits Guide and How to get Traits in Anime Adventures. Any unit in the game can have traits added to it to receive passive bonuses. The enhancements may improve a unit’s range, increase its damage, speed up experience gain, and other benefits. Each unit is only allowed to have one characteristic, which players can reroll at the Wis NPC in-game.

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Anime Adventures Traits Tier List – Summoning Chance

Traits can be gained through Star Remnants or Chance when summoning.

Superior 1 – Increases damage by 10%
Superior 2 – Increases damage by 12.5%
Superior 3 – Increases damage by 15%

Range 1 – Increases range by 10%
Range 2 – Increases range by 12.5%
Range 3 – Increases range by 15%

Nimble 1 – Increases ATK Speed by 5%
Nimble 2 – Increases ATK Speed by 7.5%
Nimble 3 – Increases ATK Speed by 12%

Culling – Increase’s damage dealt to low HP enemies

Adept – unit levels up much faster.

Sniper – Increases range by 25%.

God Speed – Increase Attack speed by 20%.

Reaper – 20% more DMG dealt to bosses, 10% increase in DMG to regular enemies.

Golden – Increases money gained from unit’s by 5%.

Divine – Increases DMG by 20%, Range by 20%, and Increase ATK Speed by 10%.

Unique – Increases damage by 50% range by 15% and increase attack speed by 10%, only 1 is allowed on a single unit.

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