Anime Adventures Meta Unit Tier List Wiki – Best Team

Welcome back, Today our article will be about the Anime Adventures Meta Unit Tier List. Before we get carried away with the Anime Adventures Meta Unit Tier List, let us get to know some information about the game. You can use our Anime Adventures Meta Unit Tier List Wiki – Anime Adventures Best Team to decide which Meta units to bring into Anime Adventures’ Story and Infinite modes.

At the end of this post you can also find the Anime Adventures Met team or Anime Adventures Best Team for Story Mode. Also read here our: Anime Adventures Guide and Anime Adventures Traits Tier List

Anime Adventures Meta Unit Tier List Wiki – Best Team

In this Anime Adventures Meta Unit Tier List, we will tell you the Top 5 Anime Adventures Meta Unit 2022.

Anime Adventures Meta Unit Tier List Wiki - Best Team

Anime Adventures Lelouch

Lelouch: Currently the most broken and rarest unit in the game. He’s a summoner unit with the most broken ability. He summons soldiers with 2k health, whenever his soldiers get close to an enemy, they will shoot a bullet that does 4k Damage through ALL the enemies. His soldiers are programmed to shoot one minion behind each one.

Which mean if there’s one soldier in front of another one, the one behind will shoot the second minion, and the first soldier will shoot the first minion.

The shot travels through enemies so once a soldier shoots, it doesn’t restrict its damage to only one minion but that damage travels through more than one enemy (not sure how many enemies can be hit).

He also summons a mech with 11k HP and also has an AOE attack that does 4k every time. There is a chance Lelouch is able to summon another mech if the first mech does not die in the time where a second mech can be summoned.

He has the most broken ability in the game. He is able to manipulate minions and turn them back at other minions. He can mind control minions and bosses within his Full AOE circle and use them to attack the minions behind the controlled minions.

This Anime Adventures Meta Unit is the jack of all trades, he has the most broken ability, being able to mind control minions AND bosses, has soldiers with a broken attack ability, and summoning a mech that does a Circle AOE attack throughout the whole map. S+ Tier (Secret)

Anime Adventures Broly

Broly: Currently tied for best mythical unit alongside Shanks. Amazing DPS, Range and Full AOE. Will carry you through story mode and Infinite. When evolved has the best range in game.

Currently the best Damage unit in the game with his gigantic Full AOE which practically covers half the map and hitting EVERYTHING in his range for 7k damage and a good 11 SPA. Evolved, S Tier (Mythical)

Anime Adventures Shanks

Shanks: Currently the tied for best unit and currently the best utility mythical in the game. It has amazing damage of 5k but paired with his ridiculous 4.7 SPA makes his damage even better.

His range is very big and he also has an ability that stuns all enemies within range. Very useful for bosses and minions.

He is the second best damage dealer in the game plus his utility ability that stuns enemies for about 3 seconds paired with his gigantic Full AOE, ridiculously fast SPA and high damage. This unit is a better version of Dio. Evolved, S Tier (Mythical)

Anime Adventures Akainu

Akainu: One of the best damage dealers in the game, it has the best base damage out of all the mythicals, the biggest range in the game, the biggest AOE circle in the game but his SPA is very mediocre almost the same as Madara but his amazing stats make up for his SPA.

He is not better than Broly due to his Circle AOE, not being able to hit as many minions as Broly for overall better DPS, and how high his SPA is. This unit is a better version of Madara. Evolved, S Tier (Mythical)

Anime Adventures Katakuri

Katakuri: The best Debuffer utility mythical in the game. Every time he attacks, he inflicts a slow effect. His damage is very underwhelming for a mythical but paired with his giant Circle AOE, his range and his slow effect every time he attacks makes him the best Debuffer in the game.

The only reason why he is ranked this high is purely on his slow effect which I think is required for leaderboard runs. Mythicals below Katakuri are replaced by Mythicals in the top 4, so it’s better to get them first. Evolved, S Tier (Mythical)

Anime Adventures Meta Team Aka Anime Adventures Best Team

Budget Version

Dio: His timestop will slow the enemies down

Pain: His pushback is really helpful for enemies who are going past the front lines.

Giorno: Main dps and attacker

Erwin: Your buffer, support dps and life saver.

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