A Hunter Journey Trello – Best Clan in A Hunter’s Journey

Looking for A Hunter Journey Trello? This is our A Hunter Journey Trello, where you will find all information about A Hunter Journey. This A Hunter Journey Trello has Map/Level Guide, Viet Nam Piece Fruits, and How to obtain fruit in Viet Nam Piece.

You can also find Details on NPCs, quests, bosses, and a whole lot more. It’s a great way to get a lot of information. Also, check out here: Viet Nam Piece Trello Wiki & Guide 2022

A Hunter Journey Trello Wiki & Guide 2022

All Roblox games have an official Trello created by developers to help users learn the game’s foundations and cover every facet of the game. There is also A Hunter Journey Trello. But, before you proceed to the A Hunter Journey Wiki Trello, we propose that you redeem the A Hunter Journey Wiki and grab the freebies; these will be really useful. Looking for a tier list? Read here: A Hunter Journey Clan Tier List & Nen Tier List 2022

A Hunter Journey Trello

A Hunter Journey Trello: Introduction A Hunter Journey Wiki Trello contains information about the maps, missions, devil fruits, NPCs, bosses, raids and dungeons, updates, and more.

A Hunter Journey Wiki & Trello

A Hunter Journey Controls

Left Alt – Shift Lock

Q – Dash

Double Tap W – Jog Jog Doesn’t use stamina

Double Tap W and Left Shift – Run Run Uses Stamina and trains Run EXP

F – Block

M1/Click – Punch Punch Damage Depends on Strength Stat

M2/Right Click – Heavy Punch HeavyPunch Must have Shift Lock enabled Double Space on a Wall

Climb – J

Pushups – M

Meditate – K

Kurta Eyes Kurta Kurta Clan Only; Slight Speed and Medium DMG Buff

Swimming CTRL – Swim Down

Swimming Shift – Swim Up When you join the game you will be prompted with.

A Hunter Journey Trello Swimming System

Swimming is needed to get to Mureum or to simply navigate.


  • Swim Down

Left Shift

  • Swim Up

Once your bar runs out, you drown

A Hunter Journey Trello Starter Island

A Hunter Journey Trello - Best Clan in A Hunter's Journey

The most popularized place,

you can find a lot of meat here! Spawn.

Items: – Meat can be bought for 200 jenny each near spawn. Each piece gives around 80% of your hunger bar.

A Hunter Journey Trello Association

Hunter Association

“Human potential for evolution is limitless.”
Hunter [ハンター]
– Grants a 50 HP Buff at no stars, along with stacking with a clan.
– Grants the “Hunter Aura”.
– Grants the potential to gain stars as a Hunter, or become a Zodiac.
Will give higher HP and more authority
– Grants a hierarchy within the Hunter Association.

  • You can become a hunter by passing the exams, join the discord via link.
  • The Hunter Exams happen whenever an Event Hoster does it.
  • You should have maxed Run EXP and Stamina to pass the first phase.
  • You should have In and Ren if you expect to pass.

Chimera Ants

Brute force is the strongest power in this world!

Chimera Ant [キメラアリ]

– Grants a 150 HP Buff
– This is recommended if you have a bad clan.
– You need 40K Jenny to become a Chimera Ant.
– You cannot become a Hunter if you become a Chimera Ant.
– A Chimera Ant does not stack with a clan, your clan becomes “Chimera.”
– You can revert to become a human if you become a Chimera Ant with 7.5K.

How do you become a Chimera Ant?

– From Spawn, go straight forward to the water and swim until you see and island.
– Then, do not go into the island, go straight right if you are facing forward to vall island.
– Keep going right until you see a desert island.
– Step on the Island then go to the corner where there is short water, use CTRL – to go down.
– Then, talk to Mureum and become a Chimera Ant.
– Use Left Shift to swim back up.


  • You can join or create a faction via the discord.
  • Factions have wars and meetings.
  • Any race or side can join/make a faction.

That’s all you’ll need to find the Trello for A Hunter Journey. Be sure to head to the Roblox section of our website for more great information about games on the platform.

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